Future Artificial Inteligence

Future AI

The optimism of AI researchers about the future has changed over the years, and even modern experts are arguing about it. Trevor Sands, an explorer of AI from Lockheed Martin, has been cautious in his assessments:

With the advent of SRI as a concept, researchers and optimists claim that it is not long to wait, just a few decades. Personally, I think that we will see the emergence of the AII in the next 50 years, since iron has been brought up to the level of theory, and more and more organizations see the potential in AI. AIS is a natural conclusion to existing attempts at investigating AI.

During this time, even a reasonable AI can appear, as Albert says (another AI researcher who asked us to mention him only by pseudonym):

I hope to see him during my lifetime. At the very least, I hope to see cars that are smart enough for people to argue whether they have consciousness. And what this really means is a more complicated question. If the mind means "self-consciousness&…

The first experience of realizing the real estate market

Industry after industry lends itself to an all-pervasive digital "Uberization", which is based on process automation, as well as a transparent and simple connection between the customer and the contractor. Meanwhile, Uber, the company in whose honor the process was named, opened some ten years ago. Now the scenario in which we call a taxi through the aggregator application is very different from what it was at the beginning of the zero. Today, the basic user case is outwardly stunningly simple: open the application → choose where to go → call a taxi: it usually takes a couple of minutes to do everything about everything.

The same thing, only faster, is happening with the food delivery business, the digital part of which has grown into a giant foodtech industry; by 2022, according to the Research and Markets forecast, the global turnover of this sector will reach $ 250 billion. Five years ago, “I would order lunch in the application” seemed more exotic and entertainment for …

Goals, objectives, main activities of the learning the rules of safe behavior in the Internet.

Purpose : to ensure the information security of children and adolescents during training, the organization of extracurricular activities and the free use of modern information and communication technologies (in particular, the Internet)


1. forming and expanding the competences of educators in the field of media-safe behavior of children and adolescents;

2.formation of information culture as a factor in ensuring information security;

3.the study of regulatory documents on the protection of children from information harmful to their health and development;

4.building knowledge about the safety of children using the Internet;

5.organizing educational work with parents and the public.

"Safe Internet"

Nowadays, the computer is becoming a familiar element not only in scientific laboratories, but also at home, in school classes. So, for example, in the Russian Federation at least 5 million personal computers are already in operation. In Western Europe, over 60% of the adult…

IOT and its anticipation

Actually more and more often on the Internet, a description of various Internet devices appears. So someone made their Internet outlet , here the guys offer to manage refrigerators, coffee makers, etc. , but in general - “smart” parking . But, as it turned out, not many people actually represent what the “Internet of Things” is.

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Instead of introducing

Once I heard the phrase "the concept of the Internet of things." From one wording, it immediately became clear that we are talking about things that have access to the network. Then I was not particularly interested in this area. After some time, I heard the phrase: "Internet of Things ...". Even then I thought that the man made a reservation, the phrase was kind of ridiculous. But then more and more often I began to hear the same phrase, while my brain refused to perceive it, until I finally d…

Heart attack sufferers name strange symptom of illness

Foreign researchers have concluded that pain in the left shoulder is one of the main symptoms of a heart attack.

Experts explained that many people who had a heart attack complained to doctors about the acute pain in the shoulder, which appeared before the attack itself.

According to Dr. Kenneth Rosenfield, the classic symptom of the condition - chest pain - actually occurs only half the time.

Scientists have discovered another cause of overweight
- Many speak of intense, crushing sensation or deep pain in the shoulder. The symptom cannot be ignored, because in most cases it warns of an imminent threat, the specialist noted.

Among other symptoms of a heart attack, experts identified pain that can spread to the left or right arm, give to the neck, jaw, back, or abdomen. A feeling of nausea, sweating, shortness of breath may appear.

Sony PlayStation prices may jump

Sony Corp. intends to raise prices for PlayStation game consoles for American buyers, if tariffs on Chinese components are increased. About the upcoming rise in price of consoles said the founding director of Sony Hiroki Totoki, writes The Wall Street Journal .

"Increased tariffs on electronic goods from China will ultimately harm the United States itself," said a senior executive at the Japanese corporation. The manufacturer seriously intends to compensate for the increase in tariffs at the expense of gamers.

Most components for the PlayStation are produced in China.

Earlier this year, Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft asked the US authorities not to introduce higher tariffs for electronics from China, as this could "harm the entire video game industry."

How to increase the speed of a computer or laptop

Over time, the computer’s operating system, especially when it comes to Windows, becomes clogged and starts to run slower than before. The launch of the OS itself and most programs is so slow that it is time to fall asleep, and already downloaded applications respond to keystrokes with a desire more suitable for a snail or a tortoise.

It’s familiar, right? Let's try to figure out why this is happening.

Dust and overheating

A computer and a laptop, most of which have fans, are essentially vacuum cleaners, just very slow. Sooner or later, the intake grilles become clogged with dust and begin to resemble moss-covered trees. In this case, you should take a real vacuum cleaner and properly clean your computer - both outside and inside. At the same time, it makes sense to check whether the fans on the processor and video card are spinning properly.

By the way, overheating is the cause of not only brakes, but also glitches - for example, the sudden closure of programs or their unusual behavi…