Goals, objectives, main activities of the learning the rules of safe behavior in the Internet.

Purpose : to ensure the information security of children and adolescents during training, the organization of extracurricular activities and the free use of modern information and communication technologies (in particular, the Internet)


1. forming and expanding the competences of educators in the field of media-safe behavior of children and adolescents;

2.formation of information culture as a factor in ensuring information security;

3.the study of regulatory documents on the protection of children from information harmful to their health and development;

4.building knowledge about the safety of children using the Internet;

5.organizing educational work with parents and the public.

"Safe Internet"

Nowadays, the computer is becoming a familiar element not only in scientific laboratories, but also at home, in school classes. So, for example, in the Russian Federation at least 5 million personal computers are already in operation. In Western Europe, over 60% of the adult population use computers. There are more and more people spending several hours at the computer every day. At the same time, few people doubt that working on a personal computer affects the physical and psychological health of a person not in the best way. A long stay at the screen, the immobility of the PC user's posture, electromagnetic fields and radiation, flickering of the image on the screen - all this is harmless to health.

The rapid development of computer technology and the widespread spread of the Internet offer people great opportunities for communication and self-development. We understand that the Internet is not only a storehouse of opportunities, but also a source of threats. Today, the number of users of the Russian Internet is tens of millions of people, and a large part of them are children who may not be aware of the dangers of the world wide web. One of the ways to solve this problem can be public education and special training of professionals, first of all, teachers in the field of safe behavior of a person, a specialist, a student in the world of computer technologies and the Internet. The Internet should be as secure as possible for the younger generations. This goal is feasible if parents are aware of their primacy in ensuring the safety of children. These guidelines provide materials for the development of lessons, classroom hours, aimed at providing the necessary knowledge in the field of psychological and pedagogical and health-saving accompaniment of the educational process of students using personal computers and the Internet in professional, educational and extracurricular activities, parent meetings. Guidelines contain tips on how to make the computer and the Internet safe for your child. parent meeting. Guidelines contain tips on how to make the computer and the Internet safe for your child. parent meeting. Guidelines contain tips on how to make the computer and the Internet safe for your child.

These recommendations are practical information for parents and class teachers that will help prevent threats and make children's work on the Internet useful.


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