IOT and its anticipation

Actually more and more often on the Internet, a description of various Internet devices appears. So someone made their Internet outlet , here the guys offer to manage refrigerators, coffee makers, etc. , but in general - “smart” parking . But, as it turned out, not many people actually represent what the “Internet of Things” is.

This article should be useful to many, at least "for common development."
So anyone interested, welcome under cat.

Instead of introducing

Once I heard the phrase "the concept of the Internet of things." From one wording, it immediately became clear that we are talking about things that have access to the network. Then I was not particularly interested in this area. After some time, I heard the phrase: "Internet of Things ...". Even then I thought that the man made a reservation, the phrase was kind of ridiculous. But then more and more often I began to hear the same phrase, while my brain refused to perceive it, until I finally decided to still read more about it. After reading only the original name - Internet of Things, I immediately realized that when I heard the “Internet of Things”, I tried to connect this with the concept of “Internet stuff”, and not with the “network of things”. Actually, because of such a funny situation, I became interested in this issue.
By the way, it’s interesting, but did this phrase seem ridiculous to me at first glance, or did everyone have exactly the same feeling (of course, if you have not heard the English language earlier)?

Some interesting facts from the history

Let's see what was interesting in history with the Internet of things. Of course there are a lot of facts: the creation of the Internet itself, the creation of the first page on the network, etc., probably don’t list them all, so I’ll write the most interesting, as it seems to me, those closest to the Internet of Things.
In 1926, Nikola Tesla said in an interview for the magazine Collier's that in the future the radio will be transformed into a “big brain”, all things will become part of a whole, and the tools that make it possible will easily fit in your pocket.
In 1990, MIT graduate, one of the fathers of the TCP / IP protocol, John Romki created the first Internet thing in the World. He connected his toaster to the net.
The term "Internet of Things" (Internet of Things) was proposed by Kevin Ashton in 1999. In the same year, the Auto-ID Center was established, which deals with radio frequency identification (RFID) and sensor technologies, thanks to which this concept has become widespread.
In 2008-2009 there was a transition from the “Internet of people” to the “Internet of things”, i.e. The number of items connected to the network exceeded the number of people


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