Offers of free Netflix subscriptions due to the coronavirus outbreak are fake. While the world continues to deal with the escalating crisis, there are still some looking to take advantage of others.

How To Get Free Netflix

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect more people and places, most companies and individuals are doing what they can to help out. At the individual level, this might be as simple as social distancing. At the company level, businesses have been playing their part, such as ISPs lifting data caps and limitations to ensure people can keep in touch. One of those who is not currently offering anything more than usual is Netflix, in spite of messages that might be suggesting otherwise. 

There are many ways to avoid this scam (and ones like it). For example, you should avoid automatically trusting messages from recipients you don’t know or expect. If you’re not a Netflix subscriber already, and never have been, then you are unlikely to get promotional materials from the service. Even if you do, or have been a subscriber before, these scams nearly always push the user to click through a link and that should be a major red flag. If Netflix is running a promotion (and especially at a time like this), then it will be commonly reported on by the media. Not to mention, it is highly likely that the company’s website will have firm details on the offer. 

Another aspect to be on the lookout for is the type of language used and the tone of the message in general. Typos are usually a big indicator that something is amiss and especially when there are more than one. In this case, another major indicator is how the message appeared to be highlighting this as a positive thing and something you should be quick to take advantage of. At a time like this, companies and services have been respectful of the situation when making announcements, and haven’t tended to push changes or features as a reason why you should sign up. Instead, they've been marketed as a means to help those affected. 

Unfortunately, even at a time like this, there are going to be those intent on taking advantage of others. Recently, and in spite of some hackers confirming they won’t attack health or medical-related organizations during the pandemic, there have been reports of others sending out fake coronavirus emails to gain access to systems. With Netflix being the highprofile service that it is, and with the growing need for people to fill their additional time at home, it makes the service a prime candidate to be used as coronavirus bait for unsuspecting victims. 

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